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Posted by on Mar 22, 2016 in Contracts, Employment, Online Documents |

Employment Contracts – Online Documents

Employment Contracts – Online Documents

As a business owner you will find that you must have certain documents to meet your obligations under the laws of the UK. You could hire a high street solicitor to tend to all of your employment contract needs and pay those high legal fees. Another solution to your need for the documents would be to purchase them online for a fraction of the cost. When you do this you will find that they have been drafted by qualified professional solicitors.

They can be purchased individually as you need them or you can purchase a subscription for one low cost that gets you access to all of the employment templates that we have.

The different templates include the Employment Contract Template, Compromise Agreement, Consultancy Agreement and Job Offer Letter.

The idea of having these documents in place is so that you are protected by law and so are your employees. Without employment documents you are opening your business up to claims against it. These claims could come from the employees or from the UK government if you are not adhering to the requirements they have set forth regarding employment documents. When you purchase the employment templates online you won’t have to worry about being in compliance with any UK laws.
Two of the employment templates include the Employment Contract Template and a Job Offer Letter that benefits both the employee and employer. When you have these two agreements you can be sure that your new employee will know their job description, base salary, bonuses and how they will be paid and other requirements. Without these agreements you could have problems.

If you should run into problems with claims either for or against an employee you could have them resolved by using the Compromise Agreement. This template explains to the employee their rights once they sign the agreement. They will seek counsel so that they understand the document and get a certificate documenting that they understand the terms of the agreement. This protects you because once they sign the agreement they can’t pursue the claim ever again.

To help you with a consultant you can find drafted agreement so that there is no confusion over what the job consists of or who will be paying for certain aspects of the project. If you didn’t have this protection you could incur costs that you were unaware of when the project begins. So putting the description in the consultancy agreement can alleviate any issues that could halt the project.
As an employer you want to do everything right and according to the laws of the UK. When you purchase the employment documents from some online company you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be legally protected.

The companies usually offer a risk-free guarantee that if you aren’t satisfied with the templates you can receive your money back.

Because all of the templates are downloadable and re-useable you can have them on hand when you need them. Don’t be caught without your employee documents in place. Be sure that you can comply with all of the laws of the UK.

The laws want to make sure that both the employer and employee are protected, so when you get the right template documents you will find that you are not only adhering to the law but you are protecting everyone’s rights. False claims act whistleblower can initiate a chain of problems, so make sure you have everything in order so you don’t have to afraid of inspection.